Letter into press, a workshop in collaboration with Punchress, Austin
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Day 1: 10am to 6:00pm (one hour and a half for lunch). Introduction, exploration and crafting of letterforms. Starting process of negative plates.

Day 2: 10am to 1:00pm. Production of polymer plates and printing process.

1:30–6:00pm: resume workshop and open studio hours.

The price of the workshop is $170.00 USD, including a $20.00 USD materials fee.

We can arrange workshop dates for groups.

To find out about dates and enrollment, go to http://www.punchpress.net/

$ 170.00 USD

Click here to send us a message if you would like to be notified of when of new dates of the workshop; and/or let us know if there are specific dates that would work for you.

Two day workshop in Austin, TX

In this two-days workshop, participants will learn about the basic features of letterforms and try their own ideas through experiments with a few approaches. They will then transfer these to hand-made negative plates. During the second day, we will produce polymer plates through a basic photographic method, which will be then used to print.
This is an ideal workshop for people who want to learn the basic aspects of lettering and printing, and get a better idea of how to keep on building upon the experience. It is also great for people that work in the visual arts and want to get a refreshing, entirely experimental weekend; some designers working full time at demanding companies use our workshop to refresh their creative stamina.
There is a chance you will be left craving for more, and Punchpress Studio is the perfect place to implement new plans for creative projects that involve printing and binding. So, keep in mind that, although the workshop lasts only two days, the Studio offers a number or services that will enable you to continue your personal artistic quest.

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