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Similar, dual language postcard booklet.
©2016, Salted Caramel Books
10 pages concertina booklet
4.3 x 5.8 x 0.3 inches , 1.4 oz
Numbered edition.

$ 25.00 USD
Spanish and English; letterpress numbered edition

Four double-spread pages folded in accordion, showcasing abstract forms and a list of eight cognates—words that are identical in Spanish and English—printed with metal casted type. Pre-cut pages allow to use the images as postcards, or display the booklet as a broadside. Every booklet is slightly different.

“I’m glad to own this book because, in addition to being beautiful, it’s got hidden meaning to be revealed: besides sequence and humor, there is something new to be found on the shapes every time.  I separated mine into double pages and hanged it on the wall of my studio.”
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