Focus 36, magnetic puzzle
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Magnet puzzle game and ornament
©2016, Salted Caramel Books
36 pieces of magnetic color plates,
each 1.47 x 1.47 inches , 6 oz

$ 36.00 USD
Magnetic puzzle

Let's face the bitter truth: our ability to concentrate on tasks tends to be on the thin side now a days. So, what can be better than an easy way to exercise your attention span? This is a game that eases you into focus through the satisfying task of building patterns as you find color-to-segment correspondences (a bit like with domino chips, but in this instance, in four directions).

We know one solution to this puzzle in which the 36 pieces conform to a six by six pieces square—if you are interested in that particular challenge; additionally, we recommend a game that consists of building paths, scoring one point for each side (if you match two sides of a piece, needless to say, you score double).

And it looks kind of cool on your refrigerator because it is magnetic.

Fun detail: although the dark areas are made of black ink, something in our minds keeps on tricking us to believe it is only dark brown. Does the same happen to you?

Comments we have gotten so far about the game:

“Addictive.” —Meredith.

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