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We are excited to launch Salted Caramel Books!—a small publishing house with the mission of fostering pleasure in reading and learning languages, especially Spanish for American children (of any age).

Spanish and English are among the four most spoken languages in the world. The percentage of people who speaks Spanish in the US is steadily increasing, and not only because of migratory circumstances, but because a large portion of the English-speaking population is realizing the advantages—cultural, financial, social—of learning the language of our Latin American neighbors.

As the trend to incorporate Spanish into the American every-day life continues to gain momentum, we’d like to make our modest contribution through publications with carefully revised texts in both languages. Often, the Spanish on signs, packaging and legal documents in the US is poorly translated. The fun of learning a foreign idiom is in the different structures that similar ideas can take! And, who knows?—with a bit of luck,  people with diverse backgrounds might start to understand one-another beyond words.

We have asked for the help of writers (and compulsive readers), with a sweet tooth for languages, good credentials for proof-reading in their native speech, and reliable sense of humor. (We think that when something is funny or a bit absurd, it is easier to remember it.)

Follow us on twitter and/or Face Book to learn about any new publication. We hope you will enjoy—so far we have been having a blast.